The 4 Best Dog Grooming Arms: Saving Hundreds on Salon Grooming!

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Welcome to the world of top-notch dog grooming arms that are made to make your pet friend and you as comfortable and easy as possible. Grooming, oh what a splendid endeavor, A delightful way to spend time together. But tools, my friend, are what you require, To make this experience truly inspire.

Our carefully chosen list of the best dog grooming arms will keep your pet calm and safe while you do your thing. No more hassle, just clean with ease – bid farewell to pesky pets on the breeze! Make grooming a breeze with these revolutionary grooming arms!

Find the right balance of safety and style when you use our suggested grooming arms to make a well-groomed and happy dog.

Editor’s 1st Choice: Best Overall

Material: Metal
Maximum Height: 35.4 “
Design: Foldable
Price: Around $40

2nd Best Choice: Best For Medium & Large Dogs

Material: Tubular Steel
Maximum Height: 48″
Design: Foldable
Price: Around $80

3rd Best Choice: Most Durable

Material: Aluminium Alloy
Maximum Height: 35.4″
Design: Foldable
Price: Around $50

4th Best Choice: Most Convenient

Material: Heavy duty Iron
Maximum Height: 35.4″
Design: Foldable
Price: Around $40

1. EGFKI Dog Grooming-Arm: Best Overall

Elevate Grooming Comfort:

Introducing the revolutionary dog grooming arm – the ultimate tool for achieving professional-quality grooming results in the comfort of your own home. With its unparalleled flexibility and versatility, this game-changing device will empower you to take your dog’s grooming routine to new heights. 

Say goodbye to costly salon visits and hello to a grooming experience like no other. Upgrade your dog’s style and pamper them like never before with the remarkable dog grooming arm. Introducing a revolutionary solution designed exclusively for pet owners who crave a stress-free grooming experience for their beloved dogs.

Made Just for Your Partner

This 35″ adjustable pet grooming table arm was made with your small to medium-sized furry friend in mind. It offers a custom fit to keep your pet comfortable during grooming. With a screw adjustment, you can easily change the height of the brushing arm from 15.7 inches to a maximum of 35.4 inches to fit the size of your dog

Designed to Last

Oh my goodness, this grooming arm is incredible! It’s made of the most durable, unbreakable metal you can imagine, and it’s coated with a special paint that not only keeps it looking fabulous but also prevents any pesky rust from ever appearing! Isn’t that just amazing?! It is made to last, making it an incredibly trusted tool for long-term use!

Easy to put together and store

It’s so convenient to put together because the parts fold up, making it tool-free! Fold it up and put it away when you’re done to maximize the available space!

Safety First

Safety and control are the most important when brushing, so the dog grooming arm comes with two adjustable nooses. These nooses are made with soft foam on the outside to hold your dog’s backside without hurting it.

It can be used in various places because it can rotate and fold up. It is a good choice for pet care shops and home settings.

PROS OF Dog-Grooming-Arm, 35-Inch Adjustable Pet Grooming Table Arm with Clamp
CONS OF Dog-Grooming-Arm, 35-Inch Adjustable Pet Grooming Table Arm with Clamp
Is Highly recommended to be used for small and medium-sized dogs. Is not of good use if your dog is aggressive or bulky.
Is a great accessory to have for dog grooming as it does the work requiring minimum effort and money. 
It is super sturdy and can be extremely easy to install within 5-6 mins. 

2. Master Equipment Dog Grooming Arm: Best For Medium To Large Dogs

Versatile Solution for Grooming

The Master Equipment Blue Foldable Cleaning Arm for Pets is the best tool for cleaning your pet. This new tool is very flexible and can be used to keep pets of all kinds safe and comfortable.

Adjustable Height for All Pets

The Master Equipment grooming arm can be adjusted in height from 24 inches to 48 inches, so it can be used for cats of different sizes. This cleaning arm is easy to adjust, so you can use it for both small dogs and bigger pets.

Robust Steel Construction

A must-have accessory for grooming arm that is made of tough 1-inch square tubular steel and has a sturdy steel design that ensures it will last through many brushing sessions.

Rust-Resistant Beauty

The grooming arm can be folded up for easy storage. It has a beautiful powder-coated blue hammer tone finish that not only adds a pop of color to your grooming setup but also keeps it from rusting, making it a tool that will last and look good for a long time.

Secure Attachment

You can rest easy knowing that the telescopic grooming arm fits safely on grooming tables that are at least 3 inches thick. This strong connection makes sure that grooming sessions are stable and safe.

Extended Reach

The grooming arm’s horizontal part goes an amazing 13.25 inches over the table, giving you plenty of room to move around as you work your magic on your furry clients.

The Master Equipment Blue Foldable Cleaning Arm for Pets will help you do a better job of cleaning. Enjoy the ease of a changeable height, the strength of steel construction, and the beauty of rust-resistant paint, all while making sure your pet is safe and secure.

PROS OF Foldable Master Equipment Dog Grooming Arm
CONS OF Foldable Master Equipment Dog Grooming Arm
This is the best grooming arm for medium and large-sized hounds. Is not recommended for small puppies. 
Is heavy-duty and highly recommended if your dog gets worried and anxious during grooming sessions. 
Is long-lasting and gives value to your money. 

3. LEIBOU H-Shaped Dog Grooming Arm: Most Durable

Best Partner for Grooming a Pet

Introducing the LEIBOU Dog Grooming Arm – your pet’s new best friend during grooming sessions. This H-Shape grooming table arm boasts a heavy-duty aluminum alloy frame that brings ease, security, and versatility to your pet care routine.

Durable H-Shaped Design

With an aluminum alloy H-shaped frame, this grooming arm provides exceptional stability. The tightly connected components are secured to your table with two clamps, each equipped with tension knobs. Setting up, adjusting, and disassembling have never been simpler, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Tailored for Versatility

Offering an adjustable height of up to 35.4 inches and a width range of 36.2″ to 50″, this grooming harness suits a variety of pets, from miniature poodles to Samoyeds. The durable black powder-coated aluminum alloy clamp prevents rust and ensures long-lasting use on tables up to 2.56″ thick.

Secure Leash Noose

Included are three durable leash nooses, each adjustable and measuring 19.6 inches. These nooses not only aid in controlling your pet’s movement but also provide comfort and protection for their neck and abdomen.

Effortless Installation

Setting up your grooming space is a breeze, as the LEIBOU Dog Grooming Arm requires no tools for installation. The package includes two clamps, three nooses, two vertical arms, one overhead arm, and two tension knob frames.

Experience grooming bliss with this practical and durable grooming table for pets of all sizes. Elevate your pet’s grooming experience with a sturdy frame, adjustable clamp, and secure leash noose, all contributing to a stress-free and enjoyable process.

PROS OF LEIBOU H-Shaped Dog Grooming Arm
CONS OF LEIBOU H-Shaped Dog Grooming Arm
If you like your pooch having short hair during those long summers, this grooming arm is going to save you hundreds of bucks for frequent trips to the salon. Is recommended to be used for dogs that weigh around 50-70 lbs only. 
Highly durable, sturdy, and long-lasting in the true sense. 
Is of great use for medium-sized dogs. 

4. Breeze Touch Dog Grooming Arm: Most Convenient

Effortless Grooming Control

Discover the ultimate grooming control with the Breeze Touch Dog Grooming Table Arm. Designed for small and medium dogs under 30 lbs, this 35″ stand arm brings ease and convenience to your pet grooming routine.

Tailored Adjustability

Achieve your desired grooming height effortlessly using the adjustable dog grooming arm. With two user-friendly clamp knobs, you can easily set the arm to a maximum height of 35.4 inches. The clamp itself fits tables up to 2.3 inches thick, catering to tables with a thickness of 2 inches and below.

Innovative Foldable Design

Revolutionize your grooming setup with the pet-friendly foldable design. This grooming arm breaks down to a compact height of less than 20 inches, ensuring easy transport and hassle-free setup. Enjoy efficient grooming without compromising space.

Built to Last

Crafted from heavy-duty thick iron with a rustproof coating, this dog grooming arm guarantees durability and longevity. The high-quality material resists corrosion, keeping the arm strong and reliable even after extensive use.

Secure Grooming Assistance

Experience stress-free grooming sessions with the included No Sit Haunch Holder and loop noose. These tools securely hold your dog’s head and rump, ensuring their comfort and preventing excessive movement. Make grooming a positive experience for your furry friend.

Elevate your grooming game with the Breeze Touch Dog Grooming Table Arm. Benefit from adjustable height control, innovative foldability, and robust material quality, all designed to make your pet grooming sessions a breeze. Please note: The set includes the arm, clamp, and 2 loops; the table is not included.

PROS OF Breeze Touch Dog Grooming Arm
CONS OF Breeze Touch Dog Grooming Arm
Is extremely easy to install and, takes very little space and time. Is not recommended if you have an aggressive hound at your house. 
Is an exceptional accessory to have considering the grooming expenses of dogs have skyrocketed in salons. 

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Dog Grooming Arm

1. Adjustability is Key: Look for a grooming arm with adjustable height and width settings to cater to various dog sizes. It ensures a comfortable and secure grooming experience.

2. Sturdy Construction: Opt for a grooming arm made from durable materials like steel or heavy-duty iron. A robust frame guarantees stability and long-term use.

3. Clamp Compatibility: Check the clamp’s compatibility with your grooming table’s thickness. Ensure it securely attaches without wobbling to maintain a safe grooming environment.

4. Foldable Design: A foldable grooming arm is a space-saving gem. It simplifies storage and transportation while maintaining functionality.

5. Restraint Options: Prioritize models with integrated features like no-sit haunch holders and loop nooses. These restraints enhance your control during grooming, making the process smoother for you and your furry friend.


Q. Do dogs love grooming?

 A. Many dogs enjoy grooming as it offers physical touch, relaxation, and attention. However, individual preferences vary so some dogs may be more receptive.

Q. How do you groom a dog’s arms?

 A. Grooming a dog’s arms involves regular brushing to prevent tangles and mats, followed by careful trimming if needed. Paw pad cleaning and nail maintenance ensure their comfort. Consistent care keeps their arms tidy and contributes to their overall well-being.

 Q. What is a noose dog grooming?

 A. A noose is a looped device that safely restrains the dog’s head or body during grooming. It prevents sudden movements, ensuring the dog’s safety and the groomer’s ability to work effectively.

Q. What are the pros and cons of Dog Grooming Arm?

Pros of Dog Grooming Arm:

1. Safety and Control: Grooming arms provide a secure way to restrain dogs during grooming, preventing sudden movements that could lead to accidents or injuries.

2. Better Grooming Results: With a grooming arm, dogs stay in place, allowing groomers to work with precision and efficiency, resulting in neater cuts and a polished appearance.

3. Comfortable Experience: For the dog, a well-fitted grooming arm ensures stability, reducing anxiety and making the grooming process more comfortable overall.

Cons of Dog Grooming Arm:

      1. Acclimation Required: Some dogs may initially resist or feel uncomfortable with the restraint, requiring patience and time to get accustomed to the grooming arm.

2. Size Limitations: Grooming arms may not fit very large or very small dogs perfectly, making it essential to choose an adjustable model to accommodate different sizes.

3. Additional Cost: Investing in a quality grooming arm adds to the overall cost of grooming equipment. It might be a consideration for pet owners on a tight budget.

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