Unveiling The Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix: From Characteristics to Cost

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Want to bring a pet into your home? A cute cross between the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle is the Australian Shepherd Poodle mix. This dog mix is nice and smart because it has the best traits of both of its parent breeds. 

Think about having an animal friend who isn’t just a pet but also a daily journey partner. The Aussiedoodle is a dog that is naturally a mix of an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. When this cute crossbreed wags its tail, it gives off endless energy, unwavering loyalty, and a fun vibe that everyone can feel.

Hold on tight, because we’re about to learn a lot about the interesting Australian shepard poodle mix. Read on for a story that will make you want to go on your adventure with this amazing dog friend. It will include how they met, their funny pranks, and their sweet love. 

Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix – Breed Information

If you want to get an Aussiedoodle as a pet, you should learn about their personality, history, health, training, exercise, food, and costs. Let’s find out more about these:

Life Span: 10 to 13 Years

You can look forward to a decade-long journey full of love, joy, and beloved memories when you bring an Aussiedoodle into your life. These amazing crossbreeds can live for 10 to 13 years, so they have plenty of time to become an important part of your family and bring you endless happiness and friendship. So buckle up for ten years of wagging tails, wet noses, and ties that can’t be broken.

Height: 14 to 23 Inches

These furry friends come in a lot of different heights, from 14 inches to a more stately 23 inches, so there is one for everyone. The Aussiedoodle comes in a variety of sizes, so there’s a perfect fit for every heart and home. Get ready to meet a friend who is as different from you in size as they are in tone. This is a great example of how crossbreeds can be useful.

Weight: 25 to 70 Pounds

You can get these cute crossbreeds in a range of sizes, from 25 pounds to 70 pounds, to fit their unique personalities. There are different sizes of Aussiedoodles, so there’s a plush friend for everyone, whether you want a small one to play with or a big one to love. Get ready to accept a partner whose strong love will make your home and heart happy.

Australian shepherd poodle mix Characteristics

It’s easy for Aussiedoodles to do many things. They are good for many homes because their mixed background has given them a variety of traits. People know them for:

  • Playful Nature: Aussiedoodles are fun and active, which makes them great pets for families with kids or people who like to be active.
  • Smarts: Both Australian Shepherds and Poodles are smart dogs, so Aussiedoodles are smart too, which makes training them easy.
  • Affection: These dogs are friendly and love spending time with their people owners. Because they are so loving, they make great mental support animals.
  • Hypoallergenic Coat: Many Aussiedoodles have coats that don’t bother people with allergies, which makes them a great choice for people with allergies.

What Is An Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix Called?

This dog is a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. This interesting mix breed takes the smarts and work ethic of the Australian Shepherd and mixes them with the fun and hypoallergenic hair of the Poodle. What takes place? A pet friend who is more like a family member than a pet. 

Let’s see what other names for the poodle Australian shepherd are frequently used by dog owners around the world: 

  • Aussiedoodle: The classic choice is the Aussiedoodle, which is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. The name instantly shows what the mix is made of genetically. The name is easy to say and gives you a sense of the wonderful mix of traits that these crossbreeds have.
  • Aussie Poo: A Fun Nickname: “Aussie Poo” is a fun and loving name that can be used as a more casual name. Their Australian roots and the Poodle’s charm are summed up in this catchy phrase.
  • Aussie Doodle Dandy: The name Aussie Doodle Dandy is both fun and patriotic. It’s a tribute to the American spirit with a twist of humor. An ode to the mix’s North American roots, “Aussie Doodle Dandy” adds a fun and stylish touch.
  • Shepherdoodle: A Mix of Heritage The name “Shepherdoodle” makes the Australian Shepherd the main focus while still showing the Shepherd family tree. The name makes me think of herds and being with someone.
  • Poo-Shepherd: The “Poo-Shepherd” name combines the names of the two parent types. It’s a fun choice that shows off both the Poodle’s charm and the Australian Shepherd’s intelligence.
  • Aussie Doodle Delight: The book “Aussie Doodle Delight: A Taste of Joy” is full of good feelings and shows how these crossbreeds bring joy and happiness to their homes. The name makes you feel warm and loved.
  • Cross Shepherd Poodle: A Descriptive Name: “Cross Shepherd Poodle” is a clear and brief name that tells you about the mix’s genetic background for people who like simple names. There’s no doubt about what that name means.

Australian shepherd poodle mix Breed History

When we have a better understanding of the history of the Australian Shepherd Poodle mix, we are better able to comprehend the reasons that led to the formation of their specific traits.

First Originated in North America During the 1990s to 2000s

Aussie poodles are a fairly new breed. They were first bred in North America in the 1990s and 2000s. Breeders tried to make a dog that had the skills of an Australian Shepherd and the coat of a Poodle that wouldn’t bother people with allergies. This made a dog that gets along well with kids and other pets.

Both Parents Have Rich Histories as Working Dogs

Dogs like the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle have been used for work for a long time. Poodles were great at getting things out of water, and Australian Shepherds were originally bred to be pack animals. 

Bred to Create a Hypoallergenic Working Dog

People deliberately mixed Australian Shepherds and Poodles to make a working dog that wouldn’t bother people with allergies. People who want a friend who can do a lot of different things and is easy to train will love this strange mix.

Australian shepard poodle mix Personality & Temperament

A big part of the Aussie doodle’s popularity as a family pet is their personality and how they act. Let’s find out what makes them different.

Great for Single Households or Big Families

Aussiedoodles do well in a lot of different types of homes. These dogs are great for everyone, whether you live alone or with a big family. They will make you happy.

Can Be Goofy With Plenty of Energy!

Get ready to have a great time and feel great. The fact that Aussie poodles like a lot of different things makes them great pets for playing both inside and outside.

Can Suffer From Separation Anxiety

The Aussie poodle loves its family very much, but it can get nervous if it is left alone for a long time. This can be avoided by teaching them early on and letting them get used to being alone slowly.

Australian shepard poodle mix Health

As with all dog types, Aussie poodles need special care when it comes to their health. Knowing about these issues can help you keep your furry friend happy and healthy. Let’s look at some of the diseases that this breed has been linked to and talk about ways to protect their health.

Hip dysplasia: An Old Enemy

This is a problem that both Australian Shepherds and Poodles often have, and it can also happen to Aussiedoodles. When the hip joint doesn’t form right, this problem can happen. It can hurt and be hard to move around. To keep your dog’s weight in a healthy range, give it regular low-impact exercise, and ask your vet about joint supplements.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): Guarding Their Vision

The PRA group of eye diseases is passed down from parent to child and can lead to vision loss over time. Aussiedoodles can get this from their parent breeds, but it can be caught early with yearly eye checks and genetic tests. Making changes to their environment to fit their new way of seeing things can make their lives much better, even though there is no cure.

Epilepsy: Navigating the Unknown

Some Aussiedoodles may have epilepsy because of their genes. This means they have seizures over and over again. While it’s not possible to stop seizures, making a plan with your vet and giving them a safe place to live can make their daily life easier.

Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV): Taming the Bloat

GDV, which is also known as “bloat,” is a disease that can kill bigger dogs like Aussiedoodles. If you give your dog a few small meals throughout the day, use slow feeders to keep them from eating too quickly, and don’t move around too much right after a meal, this disease is less likely to happen.

Preventive Measures: A Holistic Approach

  • Regular Vet Visits: It’s important to take your pet to the vet for regular checkups so that any health problems can be caught early.
  • Balanced Diet: Provide a well-balanced meal that meets their nutritional needs. This can help their health in general.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise that fits their energy level is good for their mental and physical health.
  • Weight Management: Keeping a healthy weight by watching how much you eat and working out regularly lowers the risk of joint problems.
  • Genetic Testing: To make smart choices, if you can, think about genetic testing for known breed-specific problems.

It’s important to know about possible health issues, but remember that every Aussiedoodle is different and has its own story. It is possible to give them a happy, full life without health problems if you put their health first, take steps to keep them safe, and love them a lot.

Aussiedoodle Training

Aussiedoodles are smart and easy to train, which makes them a great choice for training in manners and agility.

Early Socialization Is Vital for This Dog

When Aussiedoodles are taught from a young age, they grow up to be well-rounded and sure of themselves. They will be less likely to have behavior problems if they meet new people, animals, and places.

Their Intelligence and Athleticism Make These Dogs Good for Competitions

Because they are smart and active, Aussiedoodles do well in dog shows. These dogs are trained and ready to do anything, from agility to dog sports.

Australian Shepard Poodle Mix Exercise Requirements

Due to their active nature and need for mental stimulation, Aussie poodles need a reasonable amount of exercise.

Highly Trainable: Mind and Body

Their unique mix of cleverness and desire to please makes them great pets that are easy to train. Mental activities, like puzzle toys, obedience training, and interactive games, will keep their minds sharp and keep them busy.

Athletic Competitors: Exercise that Thrills

If you are busy and want to work out with a dog, you’re in luck. Dog sports like agility, flyball, and even dock diving are fun for Australian shepard and poodle mixes. Along with giving them the exercise they need, these things make the bond between you and your pet stronger.

Tailored Exercise Regimens: Listen to Your Companion

If you have time and want to work out with a dog, you’re in luck. You can see that poodles are good at dog games like dock diving, agility, and flyball. These things not only improve your bond with your pet, but they also give them the exercise they need.

Mental Stimulation: Puzzles and Play

They need to move their bodies and think about things too. You can play hide-and-seek with them, teach them new tricks, or give them puzzle toys that will test how well they can think through things.

Bonding Time: Quality Walks and Play

Do not forget that exercise is more than just getting your body moving. It’s also a chance for you and your Aussie dog to bond. Walks, games of fetch, and time to cuddle after a workout all help them bond and meet their need for company.

Australian Shepard Poodle Mix Diet & Feeding

For your dog’s health and well-being, it’s important to give them the right food and watch their portions.

Feed Them Only Enough for Their Current Weight

You have to be careful to feed your doodles just the right amount for their weight. By giving them the right foods at the right times, you help them be healthier, live longer, and remain happy. If you want your pet to grow, make sure they eat food that is just right for them.

Choose Food Formulated for Their Size with High Energy Levels

“You are what you eat” is so very true when it comes to what you feed your dog. People know them for having lively personalities and a lot of energy. If you feed them the right things, they will have endless energy. Pick out good dog food that is made for your dog’s size and amount of energy. This makes sure they get the food they need to keep up with their busy lives.

Australian Shepard Poodle Mix Cost

You should think about how much it will cost to take care of an Aussiedoodle before you get one. Many things affect this range that also affect how much the breed costs in general.

Factors that Influence Cost

  • Breeder’s Reputation: People who think about the health and happiness of their dogs and have a good reputation tend to charge more. Dogs often get along better with them because they are smart and work hard.
  • Lineage and Genes: Because their genes are so sought after, Aussiedoodles with a long past of being healthy and well-behaved dogs may cost more.
  • Color and Type of Coat: Aussiedoodles come in a range of colors and coat types. The price can change based on how common or uncommon a coat style is.
  • Location: The cost of living in different places can change how much Aussiedoodles cost. If the cost of living is higher where the puppy comes from, it might cost more.
  • Health Checks and Vaccinations: Good breeders spend money on these things, along with giving their dogs the best care, which can add to the total cost.

The Price Range: $750 to $3,000

The cost of an Australian shepard poodle mix varies depending on the breeder’s location, name, and ancestry. You can get this rare crossbreed for anywhere from $750 to $3,000. This price range lets you find a pet that fits your needs and your budget.

Ongoing Costs Include Grooming, Vet Bills, and Food

Keep in mind that there are ongoing costs that come with having an Aussiedoodle. Grooming, vet trips, and good food regularly all help keep them healthy and happy.

AspectCost Range
Initial Purchase$750 to $3,000
Monthly Ongoing Costs$100 to $150


Q: Are Aussie poodles good for families with kids? 

A: Yes, Aussie poodles are great pets for families with kids because they are friendly and playful.

Q) How often should I brush the coat of my Aussie poodle? 

A: Different types of coats have different grooming needs. But they should be brushed regularly and groomed by a professional every once in a while.

Q) Do Aussiedoodles get along with other dogs? 

A: Yes, Aussie poodles can live in apartments as long as they get enough exercise and mental activity.

Q) What about other pets? Do Aussie poodles get along with them? 

A: Aussie poodles can get along with other pets in the house as long as they are socialized properly.

Q) Are Aussie poodles likely to bark too much? 

A: They can let you know when someone is approaching, but if you train them well, they won’t bark as much.

Q: How can I prevent separation anxiety in my doodle? 

A: You can help your pet avoid separation anxiety by teaching them slowly and not leaving them suddenly. Give them fun things to play with and safe places to stay.


In conclusion, getting an Australian shepherd poodle mix is like getting a warm ball of happiness in your life. We have a lot of happy memories and joy with our Aussie poodles because they are always loyal and play funny tricks. The excitement of bringing a crossbreed home for the first time is hard to beat, but it’s important to know what you need to do to take care of them.

Taking care of their pretty bodies turns into a work of love when you groom them. Taking your pet to the vet regularly is more than just a meeting; it’s an investment in its health. The food they eat, which is carefully chosen and right for them, keeps them healthy.

Know that the money you spend on your Australian Shepherd Poodle mix isn’t just a cost; it’s a promise to make them happy. The price ranges from $750 to $3,000. This gives you ten years of wags and hugs. A $100 to $150 fee a week pays for food, cleaning, doctor bills, and other things.

They see life as a trip that everyone can join, full of fun and friendship. These wonderful dogs deserve all of our attention, and they give it back tenfold by loving us endlessly and being there all the time. So, enjoy the happy task, and let your poodle’s wagging tail show how much joy they bring to your life.

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