The 3 Best Light Up Dog Harnesses:

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Use the best light up dog harnesses to make your evening walks with your furry friend more fun. As the sun goes down, safety and style come together to make sure your dog is both seen and stylish.

In this guide, we show you the top three luminous dog harnesses that are both innovative and comfortable. We’ll talk about leashes that give your dog a soft glow and make them feel safe. 

With these carefully chosen choices, you can take your time with Fido to the next level and keep him safe when you go out at night.

Editor’s 1st Choice

Material: Nylon
Battery Time: 12 hours
Overall Rating: 4.6
Price: Over $50

Editor’s 2nd Choice

Material: Nylon
Battery Time: 6 hours
Overall Rating: 4.5
Price: Over $20

Editor’s 3rd Choice

Material: Mesh
Battery Time: 3-4 hours
Overall Rating: 4.4
Price: Over $20

1. Illuminate Your Adventures with Noxgear Light Up Dog Harness

Stay safe and fashionable. With the Noxgear LightHound Multicolor LED Illuminated Dog Harness, you can make your dog more visible at night and add a bit of style to your outdoor adventures. This unique harness keeps your pet friend safe and makes them the center of attention with its beautiful array of colors.

Vibrant Colors and Modes: The collar has eight bright solid colors and six mesmerizing multicolor flashing and slow-fading modes, like Disco Dog and Rainbow, that will make your dog the center of attention on evening walks or when playing in the garden. 

Not only are these modes aesthetically pleasing but they’re also designed with the principles of visual science to ensure that your furry friend is as eye-catching as a shooting star and to give drivers a friendly heads-up.

360-Degree Visibility and Reflectivity: This collar was made with your pet’s safety in mind. It has lights that shine in all directions, making your dog visible from more than a half mile away. 

When it comes to staying visible on the road, flexible fiber optic cables and 3M Scotchlite reflectors are like the dynamic duo of safety. They team up to give drivers and passing traffic a heads-up, even before their headlights have a chance to say hello. Fear not, for the LightHound is here to be your furry companion’s ultimate protector, whether it’s a sunny stroll or a moonlit escapade.

No Stress, All Fun: Are you feeling a bit “charged up” about batteries? Don’t worry! The harness has a recharging battery that lets you play with lights for up to 12 hours per charge. 

Not only can this military-grade Cordura cloth and 3M reflective bias handle your dog’s most audacious adventures, but it can also withstand their relentless rolling, rain-soaked playtime, and simply being in the great outdoors.

Easy and Adjustable: Gone are the days of struggling with harnesses like a contortionist. Thanks to the LightHound harness, you can now effortlessly suit up and disrobe your furry friend, leaving you both feeling like masters of the fashion game.

 It works with any collar, harness, or clothing for your dog and won’t get in the way of leashes or other gear. Adjust the neck and chest so that it fits well and you don’t have to worry about rubbing or burning.

Perfect Fit for Your Pup Size options like MEDIUM are ideal for breeds similar in size to Corgis or French Bulldogs. Whether your furry friend has long or dark fur, this harness offers optimal visibility for all.

PROS OF Noxgear Light Up Dog HarnessCONS OF Noxgear Light Up Dog Harness
The size chart is close to being perfect for all types of sizes unlike size charts of other products in the market. Is only recommended for big dogs as it can cause discomfort for small pups. 
Is highly recommended if your are training or racing your dog a its lightweight.
Has great glowing power and has ability to be seen from distance which reduces chances of loosing your dog in the dark.

2. Upgrade Your Nighttime Adventures with PZRLit LED Light Up Dog Vest Harness

Ease of Use: Introducing the PZRLit LED Light Up Dog Vest Harness, the ultimate fashion statement for your four-legged companion. This exquisitely crafted piece will not only have your furry friend looking fabulous, but it will also ensure they are prepared for all the adventures that await them in the great outdoor.

 It’s easy to put on and take off because it only has one buckle that can be changed. This harness is stylish and comfortable, making it the perfect gift for your dog.

360-Degree Visibility and Light: The PZRLit dog light vest gives you confidence and safety. With three different lighting modes and 19/24 LED lamp beads that light up all around, this harness is easy to see from any angle. When embarking on a moonlit stroll, fear not for the safety and visibility of your furry companion, be it on foot, bicycle, or amidst the hustle and bustle of traffic.

Hassle-Free USB Recharging: USB charging is easy, so you don’t have to keep buying new batteries. The USB rechargeable function of PZRLit is a helpful feature. You don’t need special cables; a normal Micro USB Cable will do.

 It takes about 2 hours for a max charge, and then you can enjoy up to 6 hours of steady light. This makes going out at night worry-free and good for the environment.

Weather-resistant and long-lasting: The PZRLit dog light vest is designed to withstand various weather conditions and provides reliable visibility. It has a unique water-resistant feature, allowing it to be comfortably worn on a daily basis and during light rain showers. 

While it may not have been specifically designed for swimming, it does possess the ability to withstand various weather conditions. It is advisable to ensure that the charge port is securely covered when in close proximity to water or during heavy rainfall.

Customer-Centered Confidence: Rest assured that PZRLit is committed to maintaining high standards of quality. Within a year, in the event that the battery or lamp beads experience partial damage without any external interference, the company will be pleased to provide you with a replacement. 

This dog light vest is constructed from high-quality nylon neoprene material, ensuring its durability. The dog harness features a convenient quick-release buckle and an anti-rust D-ring, allowing your furry friend to comfortably wear it throughout the year.

PROS OF PZRLit LED Light Up Dog Vest Harness
CONS OF PZRLit LED Light Up Dog Vest Harness
Are highly comfortable and do not cause harm or discomfort.Is not recommended for high drive dogs as it is not sturdy and cannot last long. 
Highly Reflective. 
Is proven to work for dogs weighing over 90 lbs. 

3. Elevate Nighttime Adventures with ChalkLit Light Up Dog Harness

Enhanced Safety in Every Step: Make your nighttime walks shine with the ChalkLit Light Up Dog Harness! This snazzy accessory not only keeps your furry friend safe, but also turns your strolls into dazzling adventures.

Introducing the “Disco Pup” harness! With enough lights to rival a dance floor, this stylish accessory ensures that your furry friend will be the life of the party… even in the dark! Safety has never looked so fabulous! 

This is the ultimate pet accessory that will transform your furry friend into a ninja master! With addition of this harness, your pet will effortlessly dodge cars, bikes, and even speedy runners. Say goodbye to late-night worries and hello to epic nocturnal adventures!

Convenient USB Recharging: The ChalkLit Light Up Dog Harness is easy to charge with a USB cord. Just plug it in, let it charge, and you’re ready to go. Its large battery capacity lets you use it for a long time, so you can walk in the dark without worrying. Also, the battery can be taken out, which makes it easy to clean and keeps your dog’s comfort and style.

Breathable Comfort with Mesh Material: This harness is made of flexible mesh, so it will keep you cool and not weigh you down. Your dog will love how comfortable and light this design is, which will make walks a joy. With two easy-to-adjust straps, you can make the harness fit your dog perfectly, allowing it to move freely and giving it enough space to be relaxed.

Freedom of Movement with No-Pull Design: With the ChalkLit harness, your dog can finally strut their stuff in nature without any embarrassing tugs or pulls. It’s like giving them a VIP pass to the great outdoors! Introducing a nifty little feature that grants your furry friend the freedom to frolic and roam to their heart’s content, without any pesky restraints holding them back. 

When your furry friend starts acting like a wild pup, the D-buckle connection swoops in like a superhero, effortlessly keeping your dog in check without compromising their safety or style.

Unleash the Joy of Outdoor Bonding: The ChalkLit Light Up Dog Harness is the perfect outdoor partner, whether you’re going for a stroll, riding a bike, or climbing. No matter how long you’ve had a pet or how long you’ve had it, this harness is the perfect mix of good looks and usefulness. It will make sure that both you and your dog can enjoy your adventures to the best.

PROS OF ChalkLit Light Up Dog HarnessCONS OF ChalkLit Light Up Dog Harness
Is highly recommended for furry dogs as glowing ability helps tremendously. Is not long-lasting. 
Is recommended for huskies as the design compliments the breed. 

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Light-Up Dog Harness

When looking for the right light-up dog harness, there are a few important things to keep in mind to keep your furry friend safe and give you peace of mind when going out at night. Here is a complete guide to help you make a good choice:

1. Visibility and Illumination: Choose a belt with bright LED lights that will help you be seen better. Look for choices with different lighting modes so that your dog can be seen by pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers in different places and situations.

2. Rechargeable Battery: Choose a strap with a battery system that can be charged. This eco-friendly choice gets rid of the need to change the batteries often and makes sure that your dog’s harness is always fully charged and ready for an evening walk.

3. Comfort and Perfect Fit: Choose a collar made of a light, breathable material like mesh to make sure your dog is comfortable. Adjustable straps are important for a safe and comfortable fit. This keeps you from getting chafing and feeling uncomfortable when you walk.

4. Durability and Weather Resistance: Make sure the leash is built to last and can stand up to different kinds of weather. Look for models that don’t let water in and are made of strong materials that can handle trips outside rain or shine.

5. Easy On and Off: It’s important that the harness is easy to put on and take off. Look for styles with clips or closures that are easy to use. This will save you time and effort on those short walks.

6. Leash Attachment and Design: Think about how you want to attach the lead and how the harness is made. Many collars with lights have a D-ring for attaching a leash. Choose a style that fits your dog’s personality and the way he or she walks.

Additional Considerations: Even though the above points cover the basics, you should also think about the type of the harness, how well it fits your dog’s breed and size, and whether it has any extra features like reflective strips to make your dog more visible.

By keeping these six important things in mind, you’ll be able to choose the best light-up dog harness that will keep your pet safe and comfortable and help you bond at night.


Q. What is the best harness with lights?

A. The best choice is the Noxgear LightHound LED Illuminated Dog Harness. It has bright colors, lighting that goes all the way around, and a strong design for the best safety and style.

Q. Do I need a wiring harness for LED lights?

A. Yes, LED lights must have a wire harness. It makes installation easier, keeps the lights from getting broken, and makes sure everything is connected correctly. It’s an important part of making sure your LED lights work well and safely.

Q: Is it okay for a dog to be in a room with LED lights on?

A. Yes, it’s usually safe to have LED lights on with a dog, especially if the dog is wearing a leash with lights made just for them. These lights make it easier to see when walking at night, which makes it safer. Make sure the harness is comfy and safe, and pay attention to how your dog feels while wearing it.

Q: Do dogs like it when the lights are on or off?

A. Dogs usually like it dark when it’s time to sleep, so they turn off the lights. But for activities like nighttime walks, LED lights on harnesses made for that purpose can improve sight and safety. Dogs get used to this and don’t mind it.

Q. What color light relaxes dogs?

A. Dogs tend to feel calmer when they see soft blue and green lights. These colors are known to make a calm atmosphere and can help dogs feel more at ease.

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