Dogs with Long Legs: Unveiling the Grace and Agility

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Long legs are fascinating because they are not just a physical trait but also a part of history and culture. People and dogs have been close for a long time, and each breed has its history and attributes that make it stand out. Dogs come in many kinds and sizes, each with its personality. Among these, species with long legs stand out because they look good and can do things others can’t. 

This article tells you everything you need to know about 10 great dog breeds with long legs. We’ll talk about where they came from and what makes them unique. We’ll also answer some popular questions. By the end, you’ll know more about these exciting dogs.

Dogs with Long Legs: Unveiling 10 Exceptional Breeds

1. The Afghan Hound: A Regal and Agile Breed from Afghanistan


The Afghan Hound is graceful and elegant. Its long legs and flowing coat make it a royal and agile breed. The Afghan Hound is a beautiful and noble dog. With its long legs and flowing coat, this dog is beautiful and fast.

Origin and History: 

The Afghan Hound’s speed and agility were honed over time by living in a hilly place like Afghanistan. These dogs were known for catching animals in the rough country where they lived.

Unique Features:

The Afghan Hound looks like a king or queen because it has long legs and long hair. It looks good with its soft fur and long legs. This breed stands out because of how unique it is. 

The Afghan Hound moves as if it were not there. It can go far because it has strong legs. The Afghan Hound is helpful because it has long legs. It gave it the speed and skill needed to catch food in Afghanistan.

  • Coat Flows:

Afghan Hound Coats are beautiful works of art. It has gorgeous hair that flows down. This garment saves you from the harsh weather in Afghanistan.

Afghan Hound puppies cost between $2,000 and $2,500. This breed is flexible because it is elegant, quick, and acts like a king. People know the Afghan Hound for its long legs, long hair, and gracefulness. People are always surprised by how beautiful and quick the Afghan Hound is. 

2. The Greyhound: Masters of Speed with Ancient Egyptian Roots

Origin: Ancient Egypt

People have liked greyhounds for centuries because they have sleek bodies, long legs, and can run very fast. These beautiful dogs came from Ancient Egypt. They are known for being fast and having their particular traits.

Origin and History:

The Greyhound has been around longer than the Egyptian pharaohs. The Egyptians thought these dogs were beautiful and fast because they moved well. Because of this, they were also considered holy. They do well in events because they are quick and good at what they do.

Unique features

Greyhounds are different from other dog breeds in several ways, which makes them true canine wonders. Greyhounds are known for how fast they can run. Their long, skinny legs and slim bodies help them move at speeds that are hard to believe.

  • The Speed Demons:

Greyhounds are known for how fast they can run. It is one of the most noticeable things about the breed. Their thin bodies and long legs give them a sudden burst of speed that they use to catch their food. Their bodies were made as fast as possible, showing they could run at breakneck speeds.

  • Elegant Movement:

No other animal moves with as much beauty and ease as a greyhound. Their long legs make it look like they are floaty when they walk. Because of how fast they move, their genes and metabolism are also fast.

From their beginnings in ancient Egypt to their success in races today, these dogs continue to amaze and inspire. An average Greyhound puppy costs between $800 and $4,000.

The price can change a lot based on the breeder’s name, family, age, gender, and color, among other things. Greyhounds have been around for a long time, look good, and can do amazing things, like race around a track or hang out at home.

3. Borzoi: Elegance and Grace in Motion

Origin: Russia

The elegant Borzoi, also known as the Russian Wolfhound, has been around for a long time and has unique qualities. The long legs of the Borzoi give it a royal look, and its gentle nature makes it an exciting friend.

Origin and History

Borzois were used by Russian nobility in the past as hunting dogs. These dogs hunted Russian wolves and other big animals. “Borzoi” comes from the Russian word “borzoi,” which means “fast.”

Russian aristocrats loved Borzoi dogs because they were status symbols and good pets. They were great at catching wolves and hares because they were fast, agile, and had strong instincts. The breed was often seen at events and ceremonies for Russian nobility.

Unique features:

Borzois have some traits that make them stand out; they are beautiful and royal. They have long, thin bodies, necks that are curve friendly, and small heads. They look classy and noble.

Long Coat: 

Borzoi’s coat is smooth and long. The attractive coat of this breed comes in many colors and designs. Grooming keeps the skin soft and free of tangles.

  • Sighthound Traits:

Borzois are sighthounds, meaning they use their excellent eyesight to find and catch food. They are good hunters because they can see things far away. Borzois are friendly and kind, even though they used to kill. They stick to themselves and spend a lot of time with their family. They get along well with kids and make good friends.

  • Laid-Back Energy:

 Borzois are quiet but can get very active when playing or running. They like to hang out at home with their owners.

For a Borzoi, a breeder can charge between $1800 and $2000. In addition to the things already mentioned, the price of a Borzoi puppy can change based on the puppy’s gender. Borzoi comes from a wealthy family in Russia, which is very interesting. Because of its long hair, calm nature, and laid-back attitude, it makes a beautiful pet and show dog.

4. Saluki: Elegance and Speed Personified

Origin: Middle East

The Saluki is an athlete in the desert. It is graceful and uncompromising, and its long legs help it hunt and track. The Saluki is a breed of dog that comes from the Middle East. It is known for its beauty, speed, and long history. The Saluki is one of the most beautiful and powerful dogs because it looks like a king and is an excellent hunter.

Origin and History:

Salukis are old dogs in the Middle East. They have a long history. Salukis have existed for 1,000 years. They move quickly, elegantly, and beautifully. People think the Saluki came from Egypt, Iran, and Iraq in the Fertile Crescent but have yet to be found. 

The Egyptians and Bedouins of the past respected these dogs. Salukis were great hunting partners and had a special place in history. They were used as signs of power and beauty in ancient Egyptian art. Bedouin groups hunted gazelles, hares, and even antelopes with Salukis. How fast and graceful they were determined how well these hunts would go.

Unique Characteristics: 

Salukis with a “Classic Style” are known for their grace and size. They are tall and thin, with a tiny waist and broad shoulders. Their heads are tall and long. The breed is known for being elegant. They have the same good sense of what looks good as the Borzoi. They are great at hunting and dog games because they are fast and robust. Because they are naturally quick, they can get up to speed quickly and keep it up for long distances.

  • Sensitivity and Loyalty:

Kind and sensitive, Salukis are also very loyal. They love their family very much. Due to their sensitivity, they may need to be taught with kindness and care.

  • Coats:

 Salukis have coats that are either smooth or fluffy. The species with a smooth coat has short, soft fur, while the species with feathers has long fringes on its ears, legs, and tail. Both types of skin add to the breed’s natural beauty.

  • Independent Thinkers:

Salukis are intelligent and have their minds. Even though they love their families, they are different and might not always want to please them. Because of this trait, training a Saluki can be beneficial, but it takes time.

Standard breeders charge $2300–$3000 for a Saluki puppy. Most of them are pets with normal pedigrees. Every Saluki puppy from a well-known breeder costs between $3500 and $10,000. These puppies have great looks and come from great families. 

Mostly, they are raised for dog shows. In conclusion, the Saluki’s graceful appearance, speed, sensitivity, and independence, as well as its Middle Eastern roots and role as a hunting partner in the past, all add to the breed’s draw as a unique and loved one.

5. Ibizan Hound: A Graceful Hunter of the Mediterranean Isles

Origin: Spain

The Ibizan Hound, also called the Podenco Ibicenco, is a unique dog breed from the Balearic Islands in Spain. The Ibizan Hound has a fascinating background and origin because of its unique look and long lineage.

Origin and History:

The Ibizan Hound comes from the island of Ibiza, which is part of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Its history goes back to ancient times on the island. Local people bred this breed to be a flexible hunting partner that could go after different kinds of game, like rabbits and small game birds. The Ibizan Hound is a good chaser and a good jumper. It has long legs and ears that stand up.

The Ibizan Hound has been around for hundreds of years, and it was an essential part of how people used to hunt on the island. These dogs’ agility, speed, and sharp senses made them very good at finding and getting elusive prey. Over time, they became known outside their home country as good hunters and close friends.

Features that make it stand out: 

The Ibizan Hound is known for its beautiful and unique look. It has a long, lovely neck and ears that stand straight up on its head. Its body is long and thin. There are both smooth-coated and wire-coated versions of the breed, and each has its particular charm.

  • Exceptional Jumping Ability:

The Ibizan Hound is known for jumping high. Decades of hunting in rough terrain have taught this breed to be quick and able to jump over obstacles.

  • Natural Hunter:

The Ibizan Hound is still a good hunter because it was born that way. It can smell and see well, which helps it find and catch its food. Even though these dogs are great friends, their history of hunting may mean they need to be careful around small pets.

  • Gentle and Affectionate:

 Ibizan Hounds are gentle and friendly, even though they are good hunters. They love people and their families. They are loyal and loving, so they make great pets.

  • Independent Thinkers:

 Ibizan Hounds are independent thinkers like other old breeds. Even though they can be taught, they may be separated and interested. Positive feedback fits their sensitive and intelligent personalities.

Between $2,000 and $2,500 is the average price for an Ibizan Hound puppy, but every breeder is different and will price their puppies differently. To sum up, the Ibizan Hound is an exciting and popular dog breed. It comes from the Spanish island of Ibiza and has a long history as a professional hunter. It also has unique qualities, such as its elegant appearance, ability to jump, and friendly personality.

6. Whippet: Graceful Speed and Gentle Soul

Origin: England

The Whippet is a breed of dog that comes from England. It is known for its elegant speed, gentle nature, and many different skills. People often call the Whippet “the poor man’s racehorse” because it is fast and graceful. It is a popular pet and competes in many dog sports. The Whippet looks like a tiny Greyhound. It has long legs and a slim body, which makes it fast and agile.

Origin and History: 

The Whippet has its roots in the developed areas of northern England in the 19th century. The Whippet came about when Greyhounds were mixed with smaller terrier-type breeds. It is a small, quick dog that hunts small animals.

Unique Characteristics: 

The Whippet’s body is streamlined and smooth, which shows how athletic it is. Its slim body and thick chest make it one of the fastest dog breeds.

  • Eyes that Reflect Kindness:

The Whippet’s expressive eyes, often called “soulful,” show that they are kind and sensitive. They show how loving and loyal the breed is.

  • Velvety Coat:

Velvety Coat: The Whippet’s velvety fur comes in different colors and designs, making it look better. It also doesn’t need much grooming.

  • Versatility:

Whippets can do more than just run races. They are smart and want to learn, which helps them do well at lure coursing, agility, and obedience.

  • Whippets are calm despite their athleticism

Whippets are calm even though they are very active. They make great pets for families because they love to cuddle up with people.

  • Modern Roles and Beloved Companionship:

The Whippet has changed from a small game hunter to a loved family pet and recognized competitor. Its quickness and speed make it an excellent dog for dog sports, and its friendly, easygoing personality makes it a good fit for any family.

Price ranges from $800 to $1,500 for a well-bred Whippet baby. Some Whippets are $2,000 each. The cost of a puppy depends on its family history, bloodline, and coat color. The Whippet comes from England’s industrial core. It is fast, graceful, and gentle. It’s still around today because people and dogs get along so well, and the breed is flexible and adaptable.

7. Belgian Malinois: Versatile Guardian and Devoted Companion

Origin: Belgium

Belgian Malinois dogs are intelligent, loyal, and good at protecting their owners. Cops, the military, and search-and-rescue teams often use Belgian Malinois dogs.

History and Origin: 

The Belgian Malinois, along with the Tervuren, Groenendael, and Laekenois, is one of four breeds of herding dogs from Belgium. This breed, named after the city of Malines (Mechelen) in Belgium, was originally made to protect and herd cattle, where its cleverness and obedience shone. The Belgian Malinois is loyal to its family and looks out for them. It is very watchful of the people in its human family.

Unique Characteristics: 

The Belgian Malinois is brilliant and has long legs, which help it do well in different dog sports and activities.

  • Athletic and Agile:

The Belgian Malinois is fit for its hard work because it is athletic and quick. It’s tough, fast, and strong.

  • Fawn and Black Mask:

The breed is easily recognizable by its fawn hair and black mask. The short, straight, weatherproof coat is easy to care for.

  • Alert and Intelligent:

Alert and intelligent, the Belgian Malinois is great at obeying and fixing problems. Because it thinks and moves quickly, it is a good guard and working dog.

  • Versatility:

This breed does well in police, military, search and rescue, detection, competition, obedience, and agility. Its energy and willingness to work hard make it useful in many working situations.

  • Modern Roles and Enduring Popularity:

The Belgian Malinois is still known for its dedication and ability to work. It is a good worker and friend because it can do many things and loves its human family.

A well-trained Belgian Malinois guard dog can cost as much as $100,000, or $1,500 for an AKC-registered baby. The price depends on the dog’s lineage, how well it fits breed standards, how old it is, and how well it has been taught. With its roots in hunting, the Belgian Malinois is a hardworking dog that can do many jobs. It is respected as a breed because of how intelligent, loyal, and protective it is. It makes it a great asset to professionals and beloved family members worldwide.

8. Anatolian Shepherd: Guardian of the Turkish Lands

Origin: Turkey

The Anatolian Shepherd is a strong breed of dog from Turkey known for its guarding skills and loyalty. The Turks have always respected this breed as a fierce protector of their horses and land. 

Origin and History:

The Anatolian Shepherd comes from the Anatolian area of Turkey. Generations of Turkish farmers have honed the reflexes and protective nature of this breed to protect sheep from wolves and bears. Shepherds from Anatolia are brave guards. It is very protective of its group and family because it is responsible and has a strong sense of territory.

Unique Features

As a guardian of livestock, the Anatolian Shepherd has a strong body and long legs that help it move quickly over rough terrain. The Anatolian Shepherd is a powerful protector. Its strong body shows how brave and determined it is.

  • Weather-Resistant Coat

The breed’s thick double coat keeps it safe from the harsh weather in its home area. Its many colors match the colors of the forest where it lives.

  • Independent and Intelligent:

Because this breed is independent and innovative, it can make decisions independently while watching its charges. It can defend itself because it can solve problems and think quickly.

  • Loyal and Devoted:

The Anatolian Shepherd loves its human family and group. It is loyal and devoted to them. Its unwavering loyalty and brave defense make it a trustworthy and reliable friend.

  • Modern Roles and Revered Status:

Modern Roles and Reputation: The Anatolian Shepherd’s skills as a guard dog are known and admired all over the world. It is always there to protect cattle, houses, and other property. It is also a friendly pet.

A dog with breeding rights and show features will cost between $1,700 and $5,000. A stray Anatolian Shepherd is up for adoption and costs $200 after rehoming fees. The Turkish Anatolian Shepherd is a guardian who is loyal and brave.

Its power and dedication to the people it cares for are like the relationship between Turkish shepherds and their watchful guardians, which goes back hundreds of years. The Anatolian Shepherd is a prized breed because it is brave and loyal.

9. Doberman Pinscher: Fearless Protector with Elegance and Intelligence

Origin: Germany

The German Doberman Pinscher is known for being an intelligent, loyal, and beautiful dog. The Doberman was first bred to be a fierce fighter and guardian, but now it is a versatile family pet that people worldwide love.

History and Origin: 

The Doberman Pinscher was made by a German tax collector named Louis Dobermann in the late 1800s. He needed a guardian and protection for his job, so he tried to breed one. He made the stylish and muscular Doberman by breeding Rottweiler, Greyhound, and German Pinscher dogs.

Unique Traits:

The Doberman’s agility, strength, and speed come from its big legs, making it a versatile working dog and pet. Dobermans have a lot of power and size. Its muscular build and elegant way of moving show that it is solid and beautiful. This breed has a short coat that can be brown, black, blue, or red. It looks good because it is shiny and has bright colors.

  • Obedience and quickness: 

The Doberman is bright and easy to train. It is a great working dog and pet because it learns quickly and can do many things.

  • Protectors:

Dobermans are born to be guardians. It is a good guard because it is loyal and doesn’t run away from anything.

  • Loving and Loyal:

The Doberman is loving and faithful. It needs love from its human family to stay healthy.

  • Modern Roles and Beloved Companionship:

 The Doberman Pinscher plays many parts today. It is a good family pet, a guard dog, a working dog for the police and the military, and a therapy dog. People all over the world love how friendly and adaptable it is.

Doberman Pinschers cost between $500 and $2250, with an average price of $1000. The Doberman Pinscher, which comes from Germany, is the right mix of strength, intelligence, and loyalty. Its fierce instinct to guard and caring personality make it a much-loved family pet. The Doberman is a sign of commitment and dedication that is loved and respected worldwide.

10. Australian Shepherd: Versatile Herding Dog with Boundless Energy


United States

The Australian Shepherd, or “Aussie,” is a dog known for being intelligent and hardworking. Even though it has a funny name, this breed is loved by families and people who work because it is loyal and active. It was made in the United States.

History and Origin: 

Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd may have come from the western United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The breed was essential to farmers and shepherds on the American frontier because it was intelligent and quick.

Unique Characteristics: 

The Australian Shepherd is known for being versatile. Its long legs and endless energy suit it for herding, agility, and other dog sports. The Australian Shepherd is known for being intelligent and able to figure out how to solve problems. It can do a lot of different jobs and learns quickly.

Medium-Sized and Athletic:

The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized, athletic dog that is well-balanced, strong, and quick. It is a good size for herding and other dog jobs because it can move quickly over different terrains.

  • Colorful Coat:

This breed has a thick, weatherproof coat that is blue, black, red, and scarlet. It looks better because of its unique skin.

  • Loyal and Affectionate:

The Australian Shepherd is both trustworthy and lovable. It cares about its human family and loves them.

  • Modern Roles and Beloved Companionship:

Australian Shepherds do well in many jobs today. Its desire to herd is shown when it works on a farm or ranch, and its intelligence and versatility make it an excellent dog for search and rescue and service work. It is a good pet because it loves and is full of life.

Depending on the breeder and how many there are, an Australian Shepherd dog can cost anywhere from $800 to $1,800. Even though it is called an Australian Shepherd, the dog is a sign of American strength on the border. This intelligent, quick, and loyal herding dog keeps surprising us in various ways. Families and work teams like the Australian Shepherd because it works hard and stays faithful.

FAQs about Dogs with Long Legs

Q) Are big legs just for looks, or do they have a function?

Long legs can make you faster, more agile, and able to jump higher, among other things. It makes them a valuable asset in some activities.

Q) Can long-legged breeds be suitable for living in an apartment?

Some long-legged breeds are very active but can live in an apartment if they get enough exercise and mental activity.

Q) Do some breeds’ long legs make them more likely to get sick?

Long-legged types might be more likely to get hurt in specific ways, but proper care, exercise, and other precautions can reduce the risks.

Q) What are the best things for long-legged dogs to do?

Using their unique traits, long-legged breeds do well at agility, herding, and sports that require speed and accuracy.

Q) Is there a specific breed group with long legs?

Long-legged dogs can be hounds, herders, or working breeds, which shows their usefulness.

Q) Do breeds with long legs need special training?

Even though long-legged breeds aren’t the only ones who need good training and socialization, they are the ones who benefit the most from it.


Many dogs have long legs, each with charms and unique qualities. From the noble Afghan Hound, which comes from the hills of Afghanistan to the quick and sensitive Saluki, which comes from the deserts of the Middle East, these breeds show how beautiful and valuable long legs can be.

The world’s fastest and most agile dogs are the Greyhound and the Whippet. It shows that long legs aren’t just lovely to look at; they’re also helpful. In the same way, the Borzoi, the Ibizan Hound, and the Australian Shepherd all show how their long legs give them a mix of ease and speed that makes them great at hunting, herding, and dog sports.

The Belgian Malinois stands out among long-legged breeds as a good guard dog and loyal friend, while the Doberman Pinscher is an excellent example of bravery and intelligence. Both kinds were made to protect and be reliable, so dog lovers love and respect them worldwide.

In conclusion, dogs with long legs are notable examples of how beautiful, bright, and fast they can be. It makes them valuable coworkers, loyal friends, and cherished family members worldwide. Because of how interesting they are and how well they can adapt, these breeds will continue to win our hearts and improve our lives for a long time.

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