Top 5 Best Personalized Leather Dog Collars 

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Are you looking for the best leather dog collars? Here are your top 5 best personalized leather dog collars. This carefully chosen collection combines fashion and usefulness to make your furry friend look and feel great. Made of high-quality leather, each collar is made to last and look good. 

Whether a nameplate or a custom design, these collars show how unique and elegant your pet is. As you leave, make sure you choose something that your four-legged buddy is comfortable and stylish. Check out the selection today and find the perfect custom collar to strengthen your relationship with your pet. 

Editor’s 1st Choice

Material: Leather
Sizes: XS – Large
Closure Type: Buckle
Customization: Available
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Editor’s 2nd Choice

Material: Full grain Leather
Sizes: 2XS – XL
Closure Type: Alloy Buckle
Customization: Available
Overall Rating: 4.4/5

Editor’s 3rd Choice

Material: Leather
Sizes: XS – Large
Closure Type: Buckle
Customization: NO
Overall Rating: 4.6/5

Editor’s 4th Choice

Material: Leather
Sizes: XS – Large
Closure Type: Buckle
Customization: Available
Overall Rating: 4.3/5

Editor’s 5th Choice

Material: Nylon
Sizes: XS – Large
Closure Type: Pull on
Customization: Available
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

1. Custom Catch Personalized Leather Dog Collar

Custom dog collars are a great way to show your pet how much you care. These handmade catch dog collars are made with love and the best soft leather. They fit all dogs perfectly, no matter what size they are.

Your Dog’s Identity, Your Way

You can paint on each collar. You can put the name of your dog, your phone number, or any other text you want on it. Try out some of their cool text styles and let your imagination show. They also have cute design choices, like bones, hearts, and paw prints, that don’t cost extra.

It fits every size just right.

The collars have been carefully made so dogs of all sizes can wear them quickly. The extra-small collar fits necks that are 8.5″-11″, the small collar fits necks that are 11.5″-14″, the medium collar fits necks that are 14.5″-17.5″, and the large collar fits necks that are 18″-22″. Each collar is made to fit your dog well and last for a long time, regardless of size.

Quality is assured

They are always committed to quality. Their collars are stylish and durable thanks to the high-quality soft leather and double-stitched edges. They also have a hard-wearing metal buckle closing and a leash loop.

Safe and Fashionable

Choose from various colors, fonts, and patterns to make a collar that fits your dog’s personality and tastes. By writing your pet’s name and phone number, you can ensure they always have their ID with them. The result is a great combination of style and safety.

The Custom Catch Personalized Dog Collar is the perfect gift for a world where every dog gets the best. It’s a collar you and your pet will love because it’s stylish, strong, and unique.

PROS Of Custom Catch Leather Dog CollarCONS Of Custom Catch Leather Dog Collar
Is a great addition to your pup’s wardrobe.The collar can break easily if consistently used roughly. 
Is a different thing from conventional nylon collars and gives an attractive vibe to a dog.
Can be customized according to your wishes. 

 2. Didog’s Real Personalized Leather Dog Collar will improve your pet’s appearance.

With Didog’s Personalized Soft Leather Dog Collar, you can give your pet the touch of class that they deserve. Expertly made from 100% soft, full-grain natural leather, this collar will keep your pet as comfortable as possible and last long. It has a matching 5-foot leash, making it a great set for relaxed walks and intense training.

Standout Engraving for Easy Identification

Fear that your pet will get lost? This collar comes with a clear, laser-engraved label made just for it. The high-contrast etching ensures that you can read the information about your pet even from far away. With this collar, you can be sure that the most important information about your furry friend is always visible.

Plenty of room for personal details

You’ll have plenty of room on this dog collar to write down all the important information. This collar ensures that everyone can see your important data, like your pet’s name, home, and phone number. And what’s best? This personalized collar keeps your pet from being bothered by traditional tags’ noise when they move.

Strong Hardware for Guaranteed Durability

Quality is essential, and this collar has it. This collar is made to last. It has a heavy-duty D-ring and a buckle made of solid metal. The pattern is timeless and works for every season and breed. Plus, the matched 5-foot leash has a swivel hook that won’t rust and won’t get tangled. It also has a heavy-duty O-ring, which makes it a good choice for daily walks.

How to Choose the Right Size?

You must measure your dog’s neck to ensure the collar fits perfectly. Leave two fingers of space between the collar and the channel for your dog’s pleasure. Their middle-size collar fits Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, Boxers, Golden Retrievers, Alaskan Malamutes, Rough Collies, and Labradors.

Style and ease come together in Didog’s Genuine Leather Dog Collar, making it a one-of-a-kind item for your pet that does more than look good.

PROS Of Didog’s Real Leather Dog CollarCONS Of Didog’s Real Leather Dog Collar
The collar is guaranteed to have real leather as the brand claims. The rivets on the are not ideal to use this collar for heavy pups. 
Fittings are heavy-duty and color combinations are exceptional. The quality of the collar other than leather can be questionable if used under a rough and tough environment. 
Is an important addition to your dog’s accessory as it will increase the chances to trace your dog when it gets lost or missing.
Gives value to your money. 

3. Elevate Your Canine’s Style with Warner Brand’s Cumberland Personalized Leather Dog Collar

Want a collar that works well, looks good, and is made well? Look no further than the Cumberland Leather Dog Collar from Warner Brand. This collar will make your dog stick out, and it also comes with a free brass ID tag that you can have engraved. It is both stylish and practical.

Comfort and Lasting Power

This 1″ wide collar is made in the USA from high-quality leather and is made to fit medium to big dogs (at least 35 lbs and up). The nickel-plated hardware, including a strong buckle and D-ring, gives the belt a touch of style and ensures it will last. As your dog wears this collar more, the leather will feel more natural and comfy.

Just Right

They give you a simple way to measure your dog’s neck with a string, ensuring you get the exact size for the best fit. The collars come in different sizes, from 19″ for necks that are 15″ to 17″ to 27″ for necks that are 22″ to 25″. Choose a collar size where your dog’s neck measurement falls in the middle of its size chart.

Different hues

Depending on your dog’s coat or taste, you can choose from dark brown, black, or golden tan. Their leather dog collars come in various styles, so your furry friend will always look good.

Brass ID Tag With Your Name On It

Each Cumberland collar comes with a free brass ID tag that can be engraved and attached to the collar. This ID tag, which has three lines that can hold up to 22 characters each, was made with an automated tag engraving machine. It ensures the information is clean, easy to read, and won’t fade over time.

The Warner Brand Cumberland Leather Dog Collar is a way to keep your dog safe and a stylish accessory. It has the right amount of style, quality, and usefulness. 

PROS Of Warner Brand’s Cumberland Leather Dog CollarCONS Of Warner Brand’s Cumberland Leather Dog Collar
Sturdy and attractive at the same time. Is not recommended for high-drive dogs as it can not last long with aggressive use. 
The leather of the collar is of top-notch quality.
The collar is suitable for dogs up to 100 lbs.

4. Elevate Your Dog’s Style with a Personalized Soft Leather Collars from Express Pencils

Does your dog’s collar reflect their personality? With Express Pencils, you can ensure it does. We offer a stylish Personalized Dog Collar, meticulously crafted from soft leather, and available in sizes ranging from extra small to large.

Your Pet, Your Choice

Make it your own by engraving your dog’s name, your phone number, or any text that you fancy. You can add a personal touch to your pet’s collar with their complimentary bone, heart, or paw designs.

Sizing Made Simple

Choosing the correct size for your pet couldn’t be easier. Their XS collar fits neck measurements of 11.2″-14″, S fits 12.5″-16.1″, M is perfect for 14.5″-19″, and L caters to 18.5″-23″. Ensure you measure your dog’s neck accurately for the most comfortable fit.

Unparalleled Quality and Design

The modern, classy design and the sturdy build of their collars guarantee you an accessory that’s functional and evergreen. The laser-engraved ID tag is a clear winner over noisy hanging tags, making the collar even more comfortable for your dog, while keeping their crucial information in plain sight.

Customization in a Click

Begin your customization journey by hitting the ‘Customize Now’ button on the listing. They’ll do the rest, adjusting and aligning the text to achieve a perfect finish.

In a nutshell, the Personalized Dog Collar from Express Pencils marries style, quality, and functionality in an accessory that’s uniquely your pet’s.

5. Transform Your Pet’s Look with PAWBLEFY’s Personalized Dog Collar

If you’re willing to give up leather, Pawblefy’s Personalized Dog Collars are the best for your dog. Are you looking for a collar that fits your dog and shows how much you love them? PAWBLEFY’s Personalized Dog Collars are made to look good, feel good, and keep your pet safe.

Say goodbye to tags that hang down.

With PAWBLEFY, you can have your furry friend’s name and phone number written on the collar. It saves you from having to deal with traditional dog tags that jingle. It’s not only useful, but it’s also safer because everything is right on the collar.

Comfort, Quality, and Visibility

Your dog’s happiness and peace of mind come first. The collars are made of high-quality nylon, making them strong and flexible, so your dog will be comfortable all day. The shiny metal finish makes the collar look like an artist made it. Also, the bright stitching makes your pet easier to see, even when you take them for a walk at night.

Refrain from blending in with the crowd.

Make your dog a true trendsetter with their array of vibrant collar colors. Choose from blue, orange, hot pink, or black, and combine them with three different custom fonts and four font colors for a truly unique look. Click the “Customize option” on their listing to see a preview!

Fits Just Right

PAWBLEFY’s collars are adjustable and available in sizes ranging from extra small to large. If the fit isn’t quite right, no worries – let them know within 30 days, and they will replace it. They also offer a one-year replacement guarantee.

Fast Customization and Delivery

They have fast customization and delivery process. Your customized collar will be ready to ship the next day and delivered to your door within 2-4 business days.

With PAWBLEFY’s Personalized Dog Collars, you’re not just buying a collar but investing in quality, safety, and style for your four-legged family member. Your pup deserves the best!

PROS Of PAWBLEFY’s Personalized Dog CollarsCONS Of PAWBLEFY’s Personalized Dog Collars
The collar and the leash are of high quality and can last long in a tough environment. The collar is bulky and is not recommended for small pups. 
Is Cheaper and better than other products in the market. 


Q. Are leather collars good for dogs?

A. Yes, leather collars are great for dogs. They are durable, often lasting longer than synthetic materials. Leather is also comfortable for dogs, as it tends to soften and mold to the dog’s neck shape over time, minimizing potential irritation. 

Q. What is the best leather thickness for a dog collar?

A. The optimal thickness for a leather dog collar largely depends on the size and strength of your dog. Generally, leather thickness of about 3.5 – 4mm is considered sturdy and durable enough for most dogs, offering a good balance of comfort and resilience. 

Q. What type of leather is best for dogs? 

A. Full-grain leather is generally considered the best for dog collars. It’s highly durable, breathable, and ages well over time. Its sturdy nature can withstand wear and tear, making it a fantastic investment for your pet’s needs. 

Q. What are the pros and cons of leather dog collars? 

A. Pros: 

Leather dog collars are durable, stylish, and comfortable for dogs. They age well, becoming softer over time. They offer a classic look and are available in various designs.


Some leather collars may be expensive compared to other materials. They can be less suitable for dogs with skin sensitivities and may require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition.

 Q. Are rolled leather dog collars good? 
A. Yes, rolled leather dog collars are generally good. They are comfortable for dogs, prevent hair matting, and reduce irritation. However, they may be stronger than flat collars for heavy pullers.

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