The 3 Best Service Dog Collars In 2023

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 Getting the right collar for your service dog is very important because it affects their happiness, safety, and ability to do their job. Whether your service dog helps you move around, sends medical alerts, or gives you mental support, the right collar can make your job better.

In this article, we will examine the three best service dog collars available and discuss the unique features that make them suitable for various situations. These collars are designed to enhance the lives of both you and your dedicated service dog, offering durability, visibility, comfort, and control. Find the perfect collar for your service dog, so they can fulfill their important role with ease and comfort.


Material: Nylon
Closure Type: Buckle
Price: Around $10


Material: Nylon
Closure Type: Buckle
Price: Around $10


Material: Nylon
Closure Type: Buckle
Price: Around $10

1. Plutus Pet Service Dog Collar: BEST OVERALL

  • Our Top-Pick

The Plutus Pet Service Dog Collar is our top pick when it comes to service dog collars and for a good reason. This collar is designed to prevent conflicts and ensure the safety of your service dog.

  • Name-Tag says it All!

With large, clear letters spelling “SERVICE DOG” printed on high-quality nylon webbing, it unmistakably identifies your dog’s role, reducing the chances of misunderstandings in public.

  • Highly Visible

What sets this collar apart is its high visibility in either Red or Blue, with white lettering, making it easy for everyone to recognize your service dog. It’s durably made with a stainless steel D-ring for tags and leashes and a secure plastic side-release buckle for quick and easy use.

  • Available in 4 Sizes

Available in four sizes, it’s suitable for all breeds, and you can adjust the strap to ensure a comfortable fit for your furry companion. With a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee, this collar is a reliable choice for those who rely on service dogs. Make your outings safer and more convenient with the Plutus Pet Service Dog Collar.


  •        Large letters “SERVICE DOG” printed on the collar
  •        Available in high-visibility Red or Blue
  •        Made of high-quality nylon webbing
  •        Stainless steel D-ring for tag and leash attachment
  •        Secure plastic side release buckle
  •        Suitable for all breeds
  •        Four size options are available
PROS OF Plutus Pet Service Dog CollarCONS OF Plutus Pet Service Dog Collar
Is a great alternative if you can’t fit vests to your service dog.The name tag is not so long-lasting and can rub off in a month or two. 
The collar is made of high-quality material and thus lasts long. 
Size is not an issue now as this collar is available in all sizes. 

2. Doggie Stylz SERVICE DOG Collar plus bandanna: BEST DURABILITY

  • It’s not just Style, it’s a Lifestyle!

The Doggie Stylz SERVICE DOG bandana is not just stylish; it’s a practical solution for your service dog. With “SERVICE DOG” embroidered on a soft cotton bandana, you can be sure the message won’t rub off.

  • Built-in Adjustable Collar

This bandana comes with a built-in adjustable collar to keep it securely in place. Plus, there’s a metal ring on the collar for attaching a leash.

  • Safety is the Safe Mantra!

Safety is a priority with the reflective strip on the bandana, ensuring your pet is visible at night. It’s available in four colors and four sizes, catering to all breeds.

This innovative design addresses common service dog issues, letting the public know your dog is on duty. Make outings and training more enjoyable with this convenient and safe alternative to a vest.

  • Does Doggie Stylz’s working dog bandana have reflective straps?

For great vision at night, the Doggie Stylz working dog bandana has reflective straps, piping, and hook-and-loop patches that can be taken off. The top handle gives you more control, and the strong nylon straps and neoprene bottom protect against wear and tear

The stainless-steel D-ring prevents choking and makes leash attachment a breeze. This double-stitched harness is easy to put on and take off with its snap-release buckle.



  •        “SERVICE DOG” embroidered on soft cotton bandana
  •        Fully adjustable collar for comfort
  •        D-ring on collar for leash attachment
  •        Reflective strip on bandana for nighttime safety
  •        Available in four colors and four sizes
  •        Built-in matching collar to secure bandana
  •        Metal ring for leash attachment
PROS OF Doggie Stylz SERVICE DOG Collar plus bandannaCONS OF Doggie Stylz SERVICE DOG Collar plus bandanna
This collar has great value for your money and it is highly durable as well. Is not recommended for big furry dogs. 
This collar is one of the few products in the market that delivers on what it promises as the client reviews are a testament to this claim. 
This collar is lightweight and way better than a bulky service dog vest

3. Albcorp Reflective Service Dog Collar: Best Sturdiness

  • Designed Durable and Visible 

The Albcorp Reflective Service Dog Collar is designed for durability and visibility. Made from tough woven nylon with sturdy neoprene padding, this collar is built to last.

  • The Dynamic duo of D-Ring and ID Tag

It features a durable D-ring for attaching leashes or ID tags and comes with a sewn 3D Rubber Service Dog Patch for clear identification. The collar is lightweight and padded for your dog’s comfort, ensuring they hardly feel it. Putting it on is a breeze with the durable buckle and locker button for safety.

  • Highly Visible Reflective Design

The reflective design makes your service dog highly visible, adding an extra layer of safety during low-light conditions. This collar is perfect for service dogs, therapy dogs, or any working dog.

  • Some Other Perks

You can easily replace the “Service Dog” patch with one of your own for versatility. Choose the Albcorp Reflective Service Dog Collar for a combination of durability, comfort, and visibility on your dog’s daily missions.


  •          Loaded with reflective features
  •          Sewed 3D Rubber Service Dog Patch
  •          Woven tough Nylon webbing
  •          Sturdy neoprene padding
  •          Durable D-ring for leash or ID tag
  •          Lightweight and padded
  •          Easy to put on with a durable buckle and locker button
  •          Adjustable strap
  •          Highly visible reflective design
PROS OF Albcorp Reflective Service Dog CollarCONS OF Albcorp Reflective Service Dog Collar
This collar is the perfect fit for all sizes for your service dog. The letters on the collar are not large enough so it is not recommended for big bulky dogs. 
It is made of super sturdy material and is highly recommended for Great Danes alongside Goldendoodles. 
The collar gives an impeccable presence and a sense of confidence to your pooch. 

Things To Consider When Buying a Service Dog Collar:

1. Size: Measure your dog’s neck accurately to ensure a proper fit. Refer to the manufacturer’s size chart and select the appropriate size for your dog.

2. Material: Choose a collar made of durable and comfortable materials. Nylon and neoprene are commonly used due to their strength and gentleness on your dog’s skin.

3. Reflective Features: Opt for a collar with reflective elements or patches to enhance visibility, especially during nighttime walks or low-light conditions, ensuring your service dog’s safety.

4. Adjustability: Look for a collar with multiple adjustment points to achieve a snug and secure fit on your dog. This is essential for comfort and safety.

5. Safety Buckle: Select a collar with a secure buckle, preferably one that locks to prevent accidental release. This feature is crucial for keeping your service dog safe and secure.

6. Padding: Consider a collar with padding, particularly neoprene padding, to provide extra comfort and reduce the risk of chafing or irritation for your service dog during their important work.

These factors will help you choose a service dog collar that ensures your dog’s well-being, enhances their visibility, and provides comfort throughout their duties.


Q. What type of collar do service dogs wear?

A. Service dogs typically wear durable and comfortable collars made of materials like nylon or neoprene. These collars often feature reflective elements and patches that identify them as service dogs, ensuring their safety and visibility.

Q. Why can’t you touch a service dog while they are working?

A. You shouldn’t touch a service dog while they are working because it can distract them from their vital tasks, potentially jeopardizing their handler’s safety. Service dogs are trained to focus on their duties and need to maintain their concentration to perform tasks that assist their handlers with disabilities.

Q. Can a service dog just wear a collar?

A. In many cases, service dogs wear more than just a collar, such as a vest or harness with clear identification. While it’s not a legal requirement for service dogs to wear a specific type of gear, it helps indicate their working status and facilitates interaction with their handlers, making it a practical choice.

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