The 5 Best Service Dog Harnesses With Handle: 

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Service dogs play a vital role in the lives of those with disabilities, offering companionship, support, and independence. When it comes to ensuring their safety and control, a reliable service dog harness with a handle is indispensable.

These specialized harnesses are carefully designed to assist handlers in guiding and managing their service dogs effortlessly. Whether it’s providing stability, aiding in mobility, or signaling specific tasks, a service dog harness with a handle offers unmatched assistance.

We’ve curated a list of the five best service dog harnesses with handles, taking into account their durability, comfort, and ease of use. Elevate your service dog’s capabilities and your peace of mind with these top-notch harnesses.

Editor’s 1st Choice

Material: Nylon
Dog Patches: 1
Overall Rating: 4.6/5
Price: Around $25

Editor’s 2nd Choice

Material: Mesh
Dog Patches: 7
Overall Rating: 4.5/5
Price: Around $25

Editor’s 3rd Choice

Material: Polyester
Dog Patches: 1
Overall Rating: 4.4/5
Price: Around $25

1. Industrial Puppy Service Dog Vest


    When it comes to the perfect service dog vest, our top pick is undoubtedly the Industrial Puppy Service Dog Vest. It’s not just a vest; it’s a solution to multiple needs. Crafted from durable materials, you can say goodbye to frayed seams and unreliable closures.
  • Removable Patches and Accommodating Backpacks

The removable patches make it incredibly versatile, whether running errands or facing a medical appointment. What makes it truly outstanding is its unique feature – the ability to accommodate backpacks (sold separately) for carrying essentials. This is a game-changer for service dog handlers.

  • Quick-Release Belly Buckle

With a quick-release belly buckle for hassle-free fitting and reflective straps for added safety, this vest ensures your furry partner is not just comfortable but also visible in low light. Choose this vest for convenience, durability, and the peace of mind that comes with our top pick.


1. Premium Durability

2. Removable Patches

3. Backpack Compatibility

4. Quick Suit-Up

5. Top-Mounted Handle

6. Visibility Enhancements

PROS OF Industrial Puppy Service Dog VestCONS OF Industrial Puppy Service Dog Vest
Easy to use design and works as well.Is not good for high-drive or aggressive dogs as it will not last long with them. 
Exceptionally durable and made up of high-quality material.
Is cheap in terms of its price compared to to similar products in the market. 

2. WINSEE Service Dog Harness With Handle

  • Versatile and Reliable 

For those seeking a versatile and reliable harness for their canine companion, the WINSEE Service Dog Vest is a solid contender. This harness package comes with a delightful bonus – seven sewn-on patches with important messages like “Service dog,” “do not pet,” “in training,” “emotional support,” and “best friend.” These patches make it easy to communicate your dog’s status to others.

  • No Pull & Choke Free

What truly sets this harness apart is its no-pull and choke-free design, thanks to the dual sturdy D-rings on the front and back. The metal buckle on the back adds an extra layer of security. The reflective nylon ensures high visibility during early morning or evening walks, enhancing safety. Plus, the harness is adjustable and padded for your dog’s comfort.

Choose the WINSEE Service Dog Vest for a comfortable, customizable, and communication-friendly harness – it’s our second-best choice for your furry friend.


1. Complete Package with 7 Dog Patches

2. No Pull & Choke-Free Design

3. Reflective Nylon for Visibility

4. Adjustable & Customizable Fit

5. Padded for Comfort

PROS OF WINSEE Service Dog Harness With HandleCONS OF WINSEE Service Dog Harness With Handle
This harness is true to its size and quality. Furthermore, it is lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Is not chew-proof. 
The design and color combination gives an overall cute vibe. 

3. Chai’s Choice Premium Service Dog Harness 

  • Style & Comfort Go Hand in Hand 

Chai’s Choice brings you a top-notch Service Dog Vest that combines style, comfort, and functionality. Crafted with a durable polyester outer layer and high-elasticity sponge padding, this harness is not only scratch-resistant but also incredibly comfortable for your service dog.

  • Safety is Priority 

Safety is paramount, and that’s why this vest boasts reflective piping and webbing. Your service dog will remain highly visible and safe, even in low-light conditions.

  • Easy to Use

Putting on and taking off the harness is a breeze, thanks to the lightweight Duraflex buckle and innovative design. The sturdy nylon handle and aluminum “D” ring leash attachment provide excellent control and durability.

  • There is More to this than meets the Eye!

Plus, you get the convenience of two removable “Service Dog” patches. Chai’s Choice, owned and operated by a retired US Navy veteran, is known for high-quality pet products, and this service dog vest lives up to that reputation. Keep your service dog safe, stylish, and comfortable on all your adventures.


1. Durable Polyester Outer Layer

2. High-Elasticity Sponge Padding

3. Reflective Piping and Webbing

4. Lightweight Duraflex Buckle

5. Sturdy Nylon Handle

6. Aluminum “D” Ring Leash Attachment

7. 2 Removable Reflective Velcro “Service Dog” Patches

PROS OF Chai’s Choice Premium Service Dog Harness CONS OF Chai’s Choice Premium Service Dog Harness 
The teal color gives off a decent look for your pup.There might be sizing and fitting issues. 
This harness is made keeping in mind that your dog feels its comfort and does not fear to express themselves. 
The quick shipping as you order is another plus. 

4. Premium Emotional Support Service Dog Harness

  • The Ideal Solution! 

The Premium Emotional Support Dog Vest is the ideal solution for owners of Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) who want to ensure their furry companions are recognized and respected in public spaces. Measuring your dog’s girth is a breeze with clear instructions provided, ensuring a perfect fit.

  • Making a Fashion Statement

This vest includes a highly visible metallic patch embroidered with the words “Emotional Support Animal E.S.A.,” making it clear to others that your dog has special rights under federal law. It’s available in various sizes to accommodate dogs of all sizes.

  • Exceptional Comfort Levels

Comfort is a priority with its lightweight mesh design, perfect for year-round wear. The mesh sides provide cooling airflow, making it great for hot summer days or long flights. Plus, the built-in leash attachment and adjustable straps guarantee a secure fit.

Whether you’re traveling, living in pet-free housing, or just out and about, this vest will ensure your ESA is recognized and respected, giving you peace of mind on every adventure.


1. Sizing by Girth

2. Premium Oversized Patch

3. Various Sizes Available

4. Lightweight Mesh Design

5. Built-In Leash Attachment

6. Adjustable Girth and Chest Strap

7. Highly Visible Metallic Threaded Patch

8. Includes 5 Federal Law ESA Handout Cards

PROS OF Premium Emotional Support Service Dog HarnessCONS OF Premium Emotional Support Service Dog Harness
This harness is exceptionally designed with vibrant colors that keep your dog in a good mood all day. Is not long lasting. 
This harness will fit your dog perfectly whether he is bulky or slim. 
It is highly durable and adjustable. 

5. ALBCORP Service Dog Vest Harness

  • Comfort, Safety & Flexibility

The ALBCORP Service Dog Vest Harness is a shining example of comfort, safety, and versatility for both service dogs and their owners. Loaded with reflective features and equipped with two removable “Service Dog” patches, this harness ensures your furry companion is always visible and recognized. 

  • Built to Last 

Crafted from tough nylon and polyester webbing, it’s built to last. What sets this harness apart is its focus on your dog’s comfort. The lightweight design is padded to prevent chafing, and your dog will hardly notice it’s there. The adjustable belly strap ensures a snug fit for dogs of all sizes.

  • Great Therapeutic Support

Not only is it suitable for service dogs, but it’s also a great choice for therapy, support, or working dogs. With its secure Hook and Loop panels, you can easily attach any patches you need.

Choose the ALBCORP Service Dog Vest Harness for a durable, comfortable, and highly visible solution to all your dog’s needs, whether you’re out for a daily walk or on a special mission.


1. Reflective Features

2. 2 Removable Service Dog Patches

3. Tough Nylon/Polyester Construction

4. Sturdy Handle

5. Durable D-Ring

6. Comfy Mesh Padding

7. Hook and Loop Panels for Patch Attachment

8. Adjustable Belly Strap

9. Size Range from XXS to XL

PROS ALBCORP Service Dog Vest Harness
CONS ALBCORP Service Dog Vest Harness
Highly Recommended for Service Dogs. Is not recommended for strong and aggressive dogs. 
The sizing chart is exceptionally accurate and gives you to perfect size for your dog. 
The material used in this harness is quite good and is highly comfortable for any breed. 

Why You Should Use a Service Dog Harness?

Using a Service Dog Harness offers numerous benefits for both individuals with disabilities and their canine companions. These harnesses are specially designed to enhance the functionality and safety of service dogs.

Firstly, a service dog harness allows individuals with disabilities to maintain balance and stability, reducing the risk of accidents and falls. It also assists with tasks such as picking up objects, opening doors, or providing physical support during medical episodes.

Moreover, these harnesses serve as a clear visual cue to the public that the dog is a working service animal. This helps prevent unwanted distractions, allowing the dog to focus on its tasks and ensuring that individuals with disabilities receive the necessary assistance and support in various public settings.

In summary, using a Service Dog Harness is essential for enhancing the independence, safety, and effectiveness of service dogs in assisting individuals with disabilities in their daily lives.

Things to Consider When Buying a Service Dog Harness?

  1. Size Adjustability: One of the foremost considerations when buying a service dog vest is the size. Getting the right fit is essential for your dog’s comfort and effectiveness as a service animal. 

    Measure your dog’s girth carefully, following the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines. A well-fitting vest ensures that it doesn’t chafe or restrict your dog’s movement, allowing them to perform their tasks comfortably.
  1. Removable Patches: Many service dog vests come with removable patches. These patches typically feature labels like “Service Dog,” “Do Not Pet,” or other identifiers that communicate your dog’s role. 

    Removable patches allow for customization based on your dog’s specific tasks and your preferences. They also provide clear information to the public about your dog’s working status.
  1. Comfort: Your service dog will likely wear their vest for extended periods, so comfort is paramount. Look for vests made from materials that are gentle on your dog’s skin, such as padded mesh or neoprene. 

    These materials are not only comfortable but also breathable, which helps keep your dog cool during long working hours.
  1. Design & Aesthetics: Consider the specific needs of your service dog when choosing a vest design. Some vests are tailored for mobility assistance tasks, with features like reinforced handles for stability. 

    Others are designed for sensory support tasks, offering snug fits and minimal distractions. Assess your dog’s role and choose a design that complements their duties.

5. Easy Put On and Take Off: Convenience matters when it comes to service dog vests. Opt for vests equipped with quick-release buckles or adjustable straps for easy on and off. This feature is particularly important for individuals with mobility challenges, as it simplifies the process of getting the vest on and off the dog.

6. Reflective Stitching: Safety should always be a priority, especially if you and your service dog venture out during low-light conditions. Vests with reflective stitching or trim enhance visibility, making your dog more noticeable to drivers and pedestrians during nighttime walks. This added visibility is crucial for your dog’s safety.

In conclusion, when purchasing a service dog vest, prioritize factors like size, comfort, and ease of use to ensure your dog’s well-being and effectiveness. Consider the design that aligns with your dog’s duties and opt for vests with reflective elements for added safety. 

Lastly, choose vests with removable patches to tailor your dog’s identification to their unique role as a service animal. By carefully considering these aspects, you can find the perfect vest to enhance your service dog’s performance and comfort during their vital tasks.


Q. What is a Service Dog Harness?
A. Service Dog Harness is a specialized vest or harness designed for service dogs. It typically features reflective elements, handles, and removable patches to identify and assist service dogs in their roles.

Q. What is the best harness for a service dog?
A. The Industrial Puppy Service Dog Harness stands out as the top pick for a service dog harness. Its emphasis on safety, durability, and comfort makes it an exceptional choice for various service dog roles. Featuring reflective elements and removable patches, it offers both visibility and customization, ensuring the well-being and effectiveness of service dogs.

Q. Are there special vests for service dogs?
A. Yes, there are special vests designed for service dogs. These vests are equipped with features like reflective materials, removable patches, and sturdy handles to help identify and assist service dogs in their important roles.

Q. What is a counterbalance handle service dog?
A.  A counterbalance handle service dog is a specially trained service dog that assists individuals with mobility challenges. These dogs are trained to provide stability and balance to their handlers by using their body weight to counterbalance any mobility issues. The counterbalanced handle, often attached to a harness, allows the handler to hold onto the dog for support while walking, standing, or navigating various environments, increasing their independence and safety.

Q. What color harness should a service dog wear?
A. Service dogs typically wear harnesses in solid colors like blue, red, or black. These colors are easily recognizable and can help identify the dog’s role as a service animal. But it depends on your own choice.  

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